The world of transportation is often in the spotlight and subject to catastrophic events such as plane crashes, train disasters, or fires, not to mention the risks of terrorist acts, which are increasingly in the news today. Our knowledge and experience gained in both national and international markets allow us to create innovative solutions for […]

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Sport & Events

In recent years, the world of sports and events has evolved into a true industry, with significant economic interests that require appropriate services. One critical aspect to address is risk management and insurance services, modern tools that balance the protection needs of businesses in much the same way as traditional industries. Consulbrokers designs insurance coverages

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Power & Utility

Consulbrokers offers consultancy and risk management services for companies involved in the supply of electricity, gas, and water, for power and nuclear plants, and generally for the energy sector, including renewables. Consulbrokers’ experts specialize in identifying relevant events, issues, and trends for this sector. With an in-depth understanding of the regulations governing this field, they

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Marine coverage insures against standard risks for goods and vessels, as well as complex and unusual exposures. These risks require creativity and commitment from the broker, who provides clients with their expertise. With a specialized staff in nautical infrastructure,we possess the experience and skills necessary to adequately assist clients in risk management. By analyzing the

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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts sector is highly specialized and focuses on very few insurance markets. The specialized division consists of professionals with expertise in insuring art-related risks, fully understanding the client’s needs and identifying the most appropriate solutions for effective risk management. Consulbrokers’ main clients include: The typical “All Risks” coverage protects the owner—whether a private

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Entertaiment & Shows

Consulbrokers has developed a specialty team of professionals who have been providing insurance products and services to the Entertainment & Shows industries for many years.The consultants in this area are specialists who work closely with clients in these sectors, offering innovative and advantageous solutions. Organized into a team that interacts with an international network, they

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Construction & Project

The extensive experience gained with qualified companies in the construction and plant engineering sectors allows Consulbrokers to assist clients in every phase of the project, both in Italy and abroad, by placing risks with the best insurers and reinsurers in the market.Consulbrokers’ services and solutions cater to the needs of contractors (construction companies, plant engineering

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical

This industrial sector is exposed to complex and high-impact types of risks that require experience and high-level expertise to be optimally managed. Consulbrokers has specialized in managing the specific insurance issues of this sector for over 20 years. Its extensive experience has allowed it to become the undisputed national leader, counting all the major trade

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Cash & Transit

Companies operating in the Cash & Transit sector worldwide face a multitude of dynamic and unpredictable risks, such as theft and robbery of the transported goods. Our experts, thanks to their knowledge and experience in both national and international markets, are capable of offering specific solutions to all logistics operators, aimed at risk control, transfer,

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