Consulbrokers S.p.A.

Protecting business and families since 1988


Consulbrokers is a reference point in insurance mediation. It is able to provide its customers with a high quality service and specialized advice on all insurance sectors.

Consulbrokers is actively engaged in the Public Entities sector and is able to offer its public sector clients a range of professional..

Consulbrokers offers a range of services specifically designed to optimize risk management for both
large enterprises and SMEs…

Consulbrokers is actively engaged in the sector of public and private Healthcare Companies. The main
services related to risk…

Affinity is the segment specialized in Affinity Groups, which are groups of individuals with
homogeneous characteristics…

Our Business

Consulbrokers supports businesses and professionals with products and services designed to ensure protection and peace of mind for small and large unforeseen events that can block their business.

Consulbrokers S.p.A.

Our insurance division

We provide you with a team of qualified experts with proven experience in risk prevention and management, as well as in selecting the most suitable insurance coverage for your needs.

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