Consulbrokers in the world

Consulbrokers has always worked towards new innovative and challenging projects. In particular, CB INTERNATIONAL is born from the consciousness that professionality and know-how are fundamental to succeed in the most competitive markets.

CB International is born in 2009 as response to an increase of the competition worldwide; the demand for experienced professionals is increasingly high, nevertheless, relying on its experience, Consulbrokers understood to be among those few insurance services firms able to operate efficiently in international markets. In coordination with the central offices of Rome and London, the project has initially developed with the opening of offices in the Emirates of South Arabia. The choice of this location has been taken considering the possibility to manage relationships with the other Asian medium countries and the strategic importance that those countries have in the insurance world. Following the new international policies, GCC countries are potentially becoming the new most important emerging markets. the main goal of this project is to intensify the opportunity of development in the GCC and the possible strategies for the expansion of Consulbrokers.

After 3 years, in the 2012, CB INTERNATIONAL reaches first important achievements closing important partnerships in Umm al Quwein (EU), Kuwait and South Arabia.

The brokerage and consultancy service provided by Consulbrokers International will be managed through a deep study of the client’s organizational and financial exigencies and a realization of an actual risk management programme personalized on the single client. 

CB INTERNATIONAL provides a wide range of services:

– Risk analysis and assessment for corporates
– Protection and prevention from individual risks
– Quotation and management of the insurance plan
– Consultancy on the damages control
– Integral claim management

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