Consulbrokers is actively engaged in the sector of public and private Healthcare Companies.
The main services related to risk management can be summarized as follows:

  • Identification, analysis, and qualification of risks to determine the actual exposures and set appropriate compensation limits
  • Reduction and control of identified risks, leveraging the experience of Risk Managers in the dedicated unit to suggest targeted solutions for enhancing active protection
  • Identification of optimal criteria for risk financing, considering both possible self-insurance solutions and the transfer of exposures to the insurance market through the most appropriate procedures
  • Preparation of policy specifications and support in carrying out the tender procedures required by national/EU regulations regarding insurance contracts
  • Assistance to the administrative staff designated by the Entity in the execution and administration of policies
  • Monitoring the Entity’s activities and any legislative/regulatory changes that may occur to promptly identify the emergence of new risks or changes in existing ones
  • Continuous updating of statistical data, an essential tool for accurate risk assessment
  • Organization of training/professional development courses for the Entity’s employees
  • Annual preparation of policy summaries to enable the Entity’s Administrative Managers to promptly monitor the existing Insurance Program
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