Cash & Transit

Companies operating in the Cash & Transit sector worldwide face a multitude of dynamic and unpredictable risks, such as theft and robbery of the transported goods. Our experts, thanks to their knowledge and experience in both national and international markets, are capable of offering specific solutions to all logistics operators, aimed at risk control, transfer, and management.

Our high level of specialization, deep understanding of the sector and its issues, and the support of our international network allow us to work closely with clients and offer a wide range of insurance solutions:

Cash in Transit: Insurance for the transfer of cash and other valuables, covering risks such as theft, robbery, and other eventualities during transit.
Vault Storage: Protection for valuables stored in vaults, covering risks such as theft, fire, and accidental damage.
Third-Party Liability: Coverage for damages to third parties caused during the operations of transporting and handling valuables.

Contractual Liability: Insurance to protect companies from claims arising from non-performance or defective performance of contractual obligations.

For more information, please contact us. Our experts are ready to assist you with customized solutions and high-quality service.

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