Sport & Events

In recent years, the world of sports and events has evolved into a true industry, with significant economic interests that require appropriate services. One critical aspect to address is risk management and insurance services, modern tools that balance the protection needs of businesses in much the same way as traditional industries.

Consulbrokers designs insurance coverages for athletes, sports clubs, sponsors, sports federations, advertising agents in this field, and organizers of events such as conferences, concerts, and meetings. Consulbrokers tackles and resolves risk management issues related to:

  • Professional clubs
  • Federations
  • Organizing committees for major recurring events
  • Complex sports facilities
  • Professional athletes
  • Sports structures

The main insurance coverages for various risk areas in the sports sector include:

  • Coverage for injury, illness, death (Disability and Death)
  • Coverage for athlete bonuses
  • Coverage for event cancellation
  • Coverage for the unexpected success of promotional initiatives (over-redemption)
  • Coverage for failure to collect goal achievement prizes (prize indemnity)
  • Coverage for damages caused to third parties and damages suffered by organizational
  • structures (property & casualty)
  • Coverage for climatic risks

Consulbrokers provides coverages for the most important Italian and European football clubs. We have developed highly effective insurance solutions to protect financial flows from marketing and sales initiatives, minimizing the client’s exposure to the most common risks in these fields. Examples of such coverages include “Event Cancellation,” “Contractual Bonus,” and “Prize Indemnity.”

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